Online Rummy Responsible Gaming

GoRummy – Your online rummy club, offers fair, safe and secure gaming to our rummy players. We encourage our players to play online rummy games responsibly. As a responsible gaming portal, we protect our players from any adverse consequences resulting from playing rummy online. We have adopted following precautionary measures as part of our fair play policy:

Age Verification

We allow players who are 18+ years of age to play rummy games online. Any registered player with less than 18 years of age is prohibited from playing cash rummy games. We verify player’s name, phone number and email address during registration. In case of inaccurate or false information from any player during registration, their membership will be cancelled, along with reasonable penalty and criminal prosecution.

Play Chips

Our players can enjoy and experience rummy online through our offerings like chip based online rummy games and tournaments. We ensure that playing rummy using chips is mostly safe, easy and flexible. In addition, every player must be capable of maintaining their own rummy chips for playing online rummy.

Deposit/Withdrawal Limit

We provide limit setting feature to our players. Initially, we set a predefined limit for cash deposit/withdrawal as part of our fair play standards. But each and every rummy player on GoRummy can set their own daily/ weekly/ monthly limit for deposit or withdrawal of real chips/cash.

24*7 Monitoring

Each and every game played on GoRummy is monitored round the clock. We have a sophisticated surveillance mechanism to check fraudulent behavior, and track player activities. We get immediate information of any ill-intention move from player’s end. Also, we implement anti-collusion measures during online games.

Other Restrictions

GoRummy offers chat option to its players with certain terms & conditions requiring fair use of it. Abusive language, solicitation, bullying, profanity or any other misbehavior is strictly prohibited. Any violation in this regard attracts penalty and suspension/cancellation of membership.

Some Tips
  • Never get addicted to any game, including rummy.
  • Consider rummy as a skill-based game, primarily meant for recreation and entertainment.
  • Do not let rummy disturb your important daily works/routine.
  • Never spend more time playing rummy, and keep a track of your gaming time.
  • Set and follow your spending limit in cash rummy games
  • Never chase losses, rather take break and come back positively.